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いらしゃいませー ☆m( _ _ )m☆

24 August 1990
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hello alien~ my name is alley~ no crappy nicknames like most people type out like (hikari-chan or other stupid stuff =____=) i'm a college student not far from my house (far enough to be away from my family, and to be swarmed by overly religious people o_O) I'm currently (working on~) majoring in International business with a minor in Asian studies~ unfortunantly with only like...2 Asian people at my college it's a little difficult D:

Let's see ^o^ (i'm rly awful at this~*~*~)I listen ONLY to foreign music, now mostly korean, and sometimes japanese, but japanese music got way too repetitive for my tastes so i stopped listening to it for the most part ^o^~ My favorite kids as of right now are DBSK(Junsu and changmin~), Wonder Girls(sohee, yeeun, and yoobin ^o^), SNSD(sunny, yuri, sooyoung, seohyun, and hyoyeon~), and 2PM(Taecyeon ^OOOOOOOO^ <3)

It sounds rly stupid but i think making people on youtube rly angry is hilarious ^.^ it's very childish, but that's okay (^_^)ok it's more fun that way ^_________________________^

i over use faces as you can see =___="""
^o^ ^.^ ^__^ =___= -___- <3__<3 >__< >.< D: T^T ToT just to name a few~

oh! and the tilde key is prolly about to explode off of my laptop D: b/c i use it so much...srsly when i would write essays for my english class i would notice that i would end every sentence with "~~~~" instead of periods ToT

idk rly what else to write :/ i'm horrible at writing these things D: i swear to you i'm rly not boring like this makes me sound^^;;

^_____________________________________^ That's all i can think of for now ^o^~